Roberto May

Roberto (Enrico) May

Place of residence:
Lehmatt 2, 6375 Beckenried /NW, Schweiz

Phone: 041- 620 07 72, Mail:

Date of Birth:
Basel, 04.01.1993

Family Origin:
Ponte Tresa TI

Marital Status:

Christine and Stefan May-Buess

Alessandro (1991) and Stella (2004)

Current Occupation:
Grammar School Student

German (mother language), Italian (dual-mother language), French, English

Sport-Shooting, cycling, ski & snowboarding, meeting friends, playing drums – and when I was younger: light athletics, ski-racing, playing the flute and clarinet

X/1994-XII/1995: Asilo Nido, Mendrisio TI
I/1996-VII/1998: Scuola d’infanzia, Morbio Inferiore/Vacallo TI
VIII/1998-VII/2000: Kindergarten, Beckenried NW
VIII/2000-VIII/2006: Primarschule Beckenried NW
VIII/2006-VII/2008: ORS Beckenried NW
VIII/2008-jetzt: Musik- und Sportklasse, Kantonsschule Alpenquai, Luzern

Work Experience:
2007: Recycling (Zimmermann AG, Buochs)
2008: Mailings & Advertising (Healthcare Consulting Group AG, Zug)
2009: Gardening (Gärtnerei Staub, Oberägeri)
2009/2010: Construction Sites (Gebr. Hodel AG, Zug)

Sport Shooting:
Swiss Junior National A-Team – Swiss Shooting Federation SSV
Olympic disciplines (10m/50m)

Active in the sport since:

Air Rifle LG 10m, small caliber KK 50 m and large caliber GK 300m

Current Personal Best Performances:
FR 60 PR– 598 (Gewehr 50 m)
FR 3×40 – 1163 (Gewehr 50 m)
AR 60 – 593 (Luftgewehr 10 m)
300 FR 3×40 – 1168 (Gewehr 300m)
300 FR 60 – 594 (Gewehr 300m)

Club Associations:
Luftgewehrschützen NW (10 m)
Sportschützen Beckenried (50 m)
Schützengesellschaft Beckenried (300 m)

Parents, friends and relatives

Role models:
My father Stefan May and Marcel Bürge

Does Sport Shooting run in the family:
Dad (Stefan May) is an active sport shooter and was head trainer for 19 years in NW
Great Grandfather (Ernst Fässler † 1965) was an impassioned and excellent marksman
Grandfather (Max Buess † 1981) was President of the SG in Frenkendorf and an active marksman

Competitions per year:

Equipment Supplier / Outfitter:
Bleiker Sportwaffen, Bütschwil/SG
Truttmann Schiess- und Sportbekleidung, Kriens/LU

Sport Shooting is fascinating:
‘Because it’s fun too!’

Goals for 2011 season:
To qualify and perform well at the European Championships, gain international experience

Long-term goal:
Olympic Games, 2012 London

Sporting dream:
Olympic Medal

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